Climate assessments


Air temperature anomalies for Croatia in October 2020

The anomalies of the mean air temperature in October 2020 with respect to the normal 1981-2010 were within the range from -0.7 °C (Knin, Pazin, Komiža) to 1.7 °C (Bjelovar). Most stations in eastern, central and mountainous Croatia (except Zavižan) were warmer than the multi-annual average. Most stations on the Croatian coast were colder than the multi-year average, with the exception of Zadar with the average temperature, and Lastovo and Dubrovnik, which were slightly warmer.

According to the percentile ranks and classification ratings, thermal conditions in Croatia in October 2020 are described by the following categories: normal (surroundings of Bilogora, southwestern part of central Croatia, mountainous Croatia and Croatian coast) and warm (eastern and most of central Croatia).

Precipitation amounts for Croatia in 2020

Precipitation amounts in October 2020, expressed as a percentage (%) of the multi-annual average, were within the range from 60% of the multi-annual average in Lastovo (with precipitation amount of 41.5 mm) to 384% in Senj with as much as 526.9 mm of precipitation. The analysis of precipitation anomalies for October 2020 shows that precipitation amounts in Lastovo, Ploče and Dubrovnik were below, while at most of the stations they were above the multi-annual average.

Precipitation conditions in Croatia in October 2020, expressed in percentiles, were wet to extremely wet in most parts of the territory. They are described in more detail in the following categories: normal (central and southern Dalmatia except Vis and Makarska area), wet (eastern Croatia, the wider area around Sisak, most of mountainous Croatia, Istria, the southernmost part of northern Dalmatia and hinterland), very wet (central Croatia except surroundings of Sisak, parts of mountain Croatia, parts of the Kvarner islands, northern Dalmatia and the hinterland) and extremely wet (surroundings of Senj, part of the island of Krk, Rab and the wider area around Knin).