About us

  • Former main building: Grič 3, Zagreb

  • Present main address: Ravnice 48, Zagreb

  • Future main building: Borongaj Campus Zagreb

Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service

Ravnice 48, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
OIB: 74660437164
MB: 03206017

Director-General: Ivan Güttler, PhD

Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service (DHMZ) is a government body in Croatia. It supports the economic and sustainable development of Croatia and assists in the protection of lives, goods and the environment by providing information on the following: weather, climate, hydrological and ecological phenomena and climate extremes with the aim of mitigating their effects in line with the World Meteorological Organisation recommendations and EU directives. DHMZ manages the meteorological and hydrological infrastructure, air quality monitoring infrastructure, as well as the national archives of meteorological, hydrological, air quality and other relevant data.

DHMZ activities include:
  • Establishing the infrastructure and measurements systems, as well as planning and maintenance of various national meteorological, hydrological and air quality monitoring stations
  • Development and maintenance of various databases (meteorological, hydrological, air quality)
  • Providing the information on meteorology, hydrology and air quality to users. DHMZ issues warnings and produces analyses, forecasts and studies. This is achieved by applying advanced scientific methods in using sophisticated software including numerical prediction models through the use of supercomputers
  • Applied scientific research and development of methods designed to enhance the quality of information and products DHMZ provides to its users
  • Operational implementation of hail suppression
  • DHMZ products/services are used as support in the following areas:
    • protection of lives
    • civil protection
    • healthcare
    • water resource management
    • environment and nature protection
    • agriculture
    • traffic
    • public information services
    • strategic, regional and urban planning
    • architecture, design and construction
    • generation, distribution and supply of electricity
    • sport and recreation