Climate assessments


Air temperature anomalies for Croatia in December 2020

The anomalies of the mean air temperature in December 2020 with respect to the normal 1981-2010 were within the range from 1.4 °C (Ogulin and Makarska) to 3.1 °C (Osijek and Slavonski Brod). At all stations the air temperature was significantly higher than average.

According to the percentile ranks and classification ratings, thermal conditions in Croatia for December 2020 are described in the following categories: normal (Ogulin), warm (central and mountainous Croatia, Makarska and Komiža), very warm (eastern Croatia, Bjelovar, Križevci and Zagreb - Maksimir in central Croatia, northern Croatian coast and southern Croatian coast) and extremely warm (Dubrovnik).

Precipitation amounts for Croatia in December 2020

Precipitation anomalies expressed as a percentage (%) of the multi-annual average were in December 2020 within the range from 77% of the multi-annual average in Sisak, where 53.6 mm of precipitation fell, to 347% in Makarska (443.1 mm). The analysis of precipitation anomalies for December 2020, expressed as a percentage (%) of the multi-annual average, shows that the precipitation amounts at all analyzed stations except in Sisak were above the multi-annual average.

Precipitation conditions in Croatia in December 2020, expressed in percentiles, were normal, or in one of the wet categories. They are described in more detail in the following categories: normal (parts of eastern, central and mountainous Croatia and Kvarner), wet (southern part of eastern Croatia, central and northern part of central Croatia, most of mountainous Croatia, part of Istria and Kvarner, coastal part of northern Dalmatia, Vis), very wet (parts of Istria, northern Dalmatian hinterland, Pelješac, Korčula, Lastovo) and extremely wet (inland Istria, central Dalmatia and parts of southern Dalmatia).