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This website provides an easy procedure to access weather, climate and hydrological data in Croatia, whether they are needed for private or business purposes. The most commonly sought information is that concerned with the weather conditions (including weather forecast) and climatological data, and can be obtained in the textual or graphical form (tables, graphs etc) or in a form of your choice. The information provided must be paid according to the current price-list of the Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service. The price-list is provided with the offer.

If you are satisfied with terms and conditions of the offer, and after the payment is completed, the requested data and the invoice will be delivered by registered post within ten days (or e-mail if the request is urgent). If the data requested are needed as for high school or university thesis, or for scientific research, they are free of charge. We hope that we may help you and that our data will be of use to you!

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    Državni hidrometeorološki zavod
    Address for mail: Ravnice 48, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia