Regional Cooperation for Limited Area modeling in Central Europe

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Title Regional Cooperation for Limited Area modeling in Central Europe
Abstract Main objectives of the Project are:
  1. To continue participating to a common NWP endeavour of all Members with the basic aim to acquire and consolidate a long-term oriented "NWP culture" starting from data monitoring and/or treatment up to response through modelling efforts to forecasters' critics and/or requirements.
  2. To guarantee a quality and reliability of outputs superior to that of the coupling model and similar on average (but better on specific points of interest) to that of other LAM systems inside the EUMETNET/SRNWP network.
  3. To perform research and development mainly around the problems of their operational applications, with the aim to continuously improve the quality of products, measured by appropriate statistical scores as well as by the capacity to forecast severe weather events.
  4. To continue giving high priority to specifically NWP-oriented training, either in multi-national programmes, or in bilateral actions or through the Members' involvement in fostering specific training actions for the whole RC LACE community.
  5. To contribute to advanced research efforts in coordination with other ALADIN and HIRLAM Partners.
  6. To enhance cooperation with research institutions and universities and participate in associated interdisciplinary applications.
  7. To participate to the maintenance of the ALADIN software and tools.
  8. To progress towards assimilation of specific meso-scale data at high resolution.
  9. To actively participate in relevant EUMETNET Programmes.
  10. To establish and follow procedures of exchanging as much as feasible observational data useful for the purpose of meso-scale data assimilation, verification, very short range prediction, nowcasting, and high impact weather warnings.
Key words numerical model, weather prediction
Contact person in Croatia dr. sc. Alica Bajić, alica.bajic(at), tel. 4565682, 091 4564682
Duration 4th MoU 2013-2018
Cooperation Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia

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