Regional Cooperation for Limited Area modeling in Central and Southeast Europe

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Title Regional Cooperation for Limited Area modeling in Central and Southeast Europe
Abstract The primary purpose of the RC LACE Programme is to share and efficiently use members’ limited resources for continuous development of the common state-of-the-art NWP system and to support its operational use, and through that to contribute to the common endeavor within the ACCORD Consortium and wider European NWP Community. To achieve that, RC LACE group will focus on the following objectives:
  • To continue participating on a common endeavour of all Members on all aspects of NWP starting from data monitoring and/or processing up to response to forecasters’ and user requirements through modelling efforts.
  • To guarantee a quality and reliability of outputs superior to that of the coupling model and better at least on specific points of interest to that of other LAM systems in the EUMETNET/SRNWP network.
  • To achieve a continuous improvement of the quality of the products through research and development performed within RC LACE, measured using appropriate statistical scores and by the capacity to forecast high impact weather.
  • To prioritize specific NWP oriented training through multi-national programmes, bilateral actions and fostering specific training actions for the whole RC LACE community.
  • To contribute to advanced research and development efforts and participate in maintenance of the developed software and tools in coordination with ACCORD partners.
  • To further enhance the existing cooperation with research institutions and universities in developing interdisciplinary applications with an aim to explore possible usage of such applications in operational context.
  • To explore new observation sources and assimilate as many sources of observational data available in the highest possible resolution, and advance operational high-resolution deterministic and ensemble applications.
  • To actively participate in relevant EUMETNET Programmes.
  • To contribute to the development and implementation of mainstream applications linked to natural disaster and crisis management, to the modelling of climate, air quality, hydrology, ocean and waves, as well as applications for the transport sector, the sustainable energy sector, etc.
  • To approve on data policy and to establish and follow procedures for the exchange of additional (non-GTS, non-standard) observational data useful for the purpose of high-resolution data assimilation and verification.
  • To work in common on any technical project with intention to diminish the costs involved in reaching the above-stated objectives.
  • To explore the potential of new arising methods and approaches (e.g. AI and in particular machine learning) for the various disciplines of NWP.
Key words Limited area model, numerical weather prediction
Contact person in Croatia Martina Tudor, PhD; Programme Manager of RC LACE
Mario Hrastinski, Antonio Stanešić, PhD; Stjepan Ivatek-Šahdan, MSc; Iris Odak Plenković, PhD; Suzana Panežić, Ana Šljivić, Endi Keresturi, PhD;
Duration 5th MoU 2021-2025
Cooperation Poland, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia