EUMETNET Numerical Weather Prediction Programme (NWP-Cooperation)

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Title EUMETNET Numerical Weather Prediction Programme (NWP-Cooperation)
Abstract NWP-Cooperation activities are:
  1. to organize the exchange of information,
  2. to liaise with other EUMETNET programmes having an interest or potential consequences for NWP, e.g. EUCOS,
  3. to follow developments carried out by other institutions to avoid duplication,
  4. to monitor the numerical weather prediction activities of the Lead Centres,
  5. to follow the work done in the Modelling Consortia in EU in order to propose concrete collaborations,
  6. to facilitate exchanges of software,
  7. to take initiative for model inter-comparisons,
  8. to promote standardization in the operating NWP environments,
  9. to organize the annual short-range NWP business meeting and prepare its minutes.
Project objective To harmonize and enhance research and application of short-range numerical weather prediction systems in EUMETNET member countries.
Key words numerical model, short range weather prediction
Responsible persons Kristian Horvath, PhD – NWP-General
Antonio Stanešić, PhD – NWP C-SRNWP
Iris Odak Plenković, PhD – NWP
Endi Keresturi, PhD – SRNWP EPS
Duration 2019-2024
Partner institutions National hydrometeorological services of EUMETNET member states
Financing EUMETNET member states