Coordinated Regional climate Downscaling Experiment - European Domain (EURO-CORDEX)

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Title EURO-CORDEX - Coordinated regional climate downscaling experiment - European domain
Abstract The World Climate Research Programme created the CORDEX initiative with the aim to generate regional climate projections for all regions of the world. The main purpose of this initiative is to provide a coordinated model evaluation framework, a climate projection framework, and an interface to the applicants of the climate simulations in climate change impact, adaptation, and mitigation studies.
EURO-CORDEX is the European branch of the CORDEX initiative. The first goal was to produce ensemble climate simulations based on multiple dynamical and empirical downscaling models forced by multiple global climate models from the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5. The new generation of SSP scenarios as well as global coupled models (CMIP6) will be included in the new regional climate projections.
EURO-CORDEX is a voluntary effort of many European institutions and is coordinated by D. Jacob from Climate Service Germany together with E. Katragkou (Aristotle University od Thessaloniki) and S. Sobolowski (Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research).
EURO-CORDEX simulations are considering RCP scenarios at two different horizontal resolutions: 12.5 and 50 km over European domain. Periods of simulations are: ERA-Interim: 1989 - 2008, control period: 1951-2005, and scenario: 2006-2100. A new set of simulations is also planned, forced by CIMP6.
Key words regional climate models, climate scenarios, climate change
Contact person and Researchers from DHMZ Ivan Güttlerć, PhD;
Lidija Srnec, MSc; Sarah Ivušić, mag. phys. - geophys.; Vjeran Magjarević, mag. phys. - geophys.
Duration 2011-