INTESA - Impoving Maritime Transport Efficiency and Safety in the Adriatic

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Title INTESA - Impoving Maritime Transport Efficiency and Safety in the Adriatic
Abstract INTESA is a project connecting the largest Italian and Croatian maritime ports and national maritime administrative organizations in order to improve and harmonize procedures and information systems for port and maritime transport, as well as to exchange information for optimal, efficient and safe maritime navigation in the Adriatic.
Project objective The aim of the project is to increase security and facilitate the international transport of goods by sea to the Adriatic ports of Italy and Croatia.
Specific objectives are the improvement of procedures, information and logistic systems for maritime navigation in Italian and Croatian Adriatic territorial waters on: maritime access routes, major commercial ports and associated inland transport infrastructure, and development of a system for the exchange of administrative and meteorological information between the maritime administrations of Italy and Croatia.
Key words Adriatic, sea traffic, efficiency, security, marine forecast
Contact for DHMZ Dijana Klarić, +385 1 4565 616; e-mail: dijana.klaric(at)
Duration 1/1/2019 - 30/6/2022
Total budget 2.896.480,00 EUR
DHMZ budget 180.000,00 EUR
Lead organization North Adriatic Port Authority (LP), Italija
Partners Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport - Coast Guards Autorities, Italy
RAM-RETE Autostrade Mediterranee SPA, Italy
Port Network Authority of Eastern Adritaic sea, Italy
Ravena Port authority, Italy
Central Adriatic Ports Authority, Italy
Southern Adriatic Sea Port Authorities, Italy
Rijeka Port Authority, Croatia
Ploče Port Authority, Croatia
Split Port Authority, Croatia
Ministry of Sea Transport and infrastructure, Croatia
DHMZ, Croatia
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