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Assessing the resilience of critical infrastructures to climate change - new EU project at DHMZ

DHMZ, 23. 7. 2015. - EU-CIRCLE is a research project funded by Horizon2020 EU's new research and innovation program, with an aim to assess the resilience of interconnected and interdependent critical infrastructures to climate change. The project with duration of 36 months (1st June 2015 - 1st June 2018) and a total budget of 7.3 Million Euros brings together leading European research/academic institutions, governmental organizations, meteorological services, and industries from the climatology and critical infrastructure protection domains. The EU-CIRCLE framework, leveraging upon the vast amount of existing knowledge generated thus in the climate research, will provide an open-source web-based solution customizable to addressing community requirements, either in responding to short-term hazards and extreme weather events or in deriving the most effective long term adaptation measures.

The consortium with 20 partner organizations is led by the National Center of Scientific Research Demokritos (Greece). Partner organizations from Croatia are Meteorological and Hydrological Service - DHMZ, National Protection and Rescue Directorate - DUZS and University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica.

DHMZ will perform an assessment of the status and capabilities of climate and weather forecasting related models, their potential suitability and limitations in being utilized for assessing the climate related hazards on the operation of critical infrastructure at different temporal and spatial scales. Project coordinator for DHMZ is Branka Ivančan-Picek.

The press release regarding the beginning of the project could be downloaded here.