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160 years of Zagreb-Grič meteorological station

On 1st December 1861 meteorological measurements started at Grič 3 in the physics classroom thanks to the enthusiasm of two natural scientists, the principle of the Gymnasium Josip Torbar and professor of physics Ivan Stožir.

When the meteorological measurements stopped in 1859 on the first floor of Classical Gymnasium on St. Catherine’s square, principle Torbar had an agreement with the principle of the classical Gymnasium Antun Premur to move the meteorological instruments into the building of the Royal Gymnasium at Grič. Moreover, professor Ivan Stožir started recording the measurements and thus became the first observer at Grič. He had taken care of Zagreb-Grič meteorological station for 30 years and made it into an observatory.

Since 1865 meteorological data from Grič had been sent to Vienna. To his credit, professor Stožir equipped the station with many instruments. What’s more, since 1880 autographs have been continuously measuring the temperature, air pressure, direction and wind speed. Also, professor Stožir initiated the ozone measurements. Thus he laid the foundation for the Royal Observatory which developed into the Geophysical Institute. Later, after WWII on 27th August 1947 the board of directors of Hydrometeorological service decided to separate from the Institute and soon they changed its name into Republički meteorološki zavod. When the new Croatian state was formed, it became a national meteorological and hydrological service and was given the name of Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service.

On the 70th session of the Executive Council of the World Meteorological Organization, which was held from 20th to 29th July 2019 in Geneva, Zagreb-Grič meteorological station was recognized the status of a Centennial Observing Station by WMO.

The uninterrupted meteorological series on Grič Observatory is one of the most valuable treasuries of meteorological data in the world and it is one of the most homogeneous series in Europe because there have not been any interruptions in monitoring, the station has not changed its location nor have there been any important changes in the surrounding area.

DHMZ 2021 calender is dedicated to the 160th anniversary of Zagreb-Grič meteorological station and it is available here.