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Celebration of World Meteorological Day and World Water Day
the kick off events of METMONIC and AIRQ projects

Kraš Congress Centre, Ravnice 48, Zagreb

I part: Kick off events of METMONIC and AIRQ projects

Welcome speeches
Branka Ivančan-Picek, PhD, Director of Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service
Dubravko Ponoš, Director of Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund
Tomislav Ćorić, PhD, Minister of Environmental Protection and Energy
Project presentations
Nataša Strelec Mahović, PhD, METMONIC Project Manager
Cleo Kosanović, PhD, AIRQ Project Manager
Radovan Fuchs, PhD, Assistant Director of Institute of Medical Research and Occupational Health, AIRQ project partner

II part:
World Meteorological Day, 23 March: "Weather - ready, climate-smart"
World Water Day, 22 March: "Nature for Water"

Partners welcome speeches
Professor Zoran Pasarić, PhD, Head of Department of Geophysics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb
Antun Marki, PhD, President of Croatian Meteorological Society
Popular and scientific lectures
Tanja Likso, PhD and Ivan Güttler, PhD: Climate Extremes: Observations and Projections
Tanja Renko: DHMZ - (weather) warnings
Željka Klemar: Warning Systems and Natural Flood Control Measures
Croatian Meteorological Society's Awards
Edita Lončar, M.Sc., Life's Work Award
Goran Gašparac, Young Meteorologist Award

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