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WMO Regional Workshop on Social & Economic Benefits NMHS's & Related Services to Society

Zagreb, 5-6 February, 2007

Workshop is organised for the WMO Regional Association VI (Europe) Members in collaboration and financial support of the World Meteorological Organisation, Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service and Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Workshop in Zagreb is a part of the preparations for the 2007 International Conference on Socio-Economic Benefits of NMHS's Services - Madrid, Spain, March 2007, following the workshops held in Manila, Philippines (November 2005); Bamako, Mali (May 2006); Brasilia, Brazil (July 2006); Nairobi, Kenya (August 2006), and Kuwait (November 2006).

The main objective of the Workshop is to review and discuss the value of weather, climate and water services provided by the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHS's) to the various social and economic sectors.

The participation of the NMHS's will be joined with the active users of meteorological products and services from different sectors.