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Challenges in Meteorology 5

International conference Challenges in Meteorology 5 joined with 6th International Conference on Meteorology and Climatology of the Mediterranean will take place from 20-22 Feb 2017 in Kraš auditorium, Zagreb, Croatia. Topic of Challenges in Meteorology 5 is on responsible research in meteorology, oceanography and hydrology.

The Joint Congress aims to show, discuss and disseminate the contributions of international scientific community on different aspects of the meteorology and climatology of the Mediterranean Basin and foster interdisciplinary communication among research groups in meteorology, oceanography and hydrology, as well as between research and business/industry stakeholders.

Papers may be published in Croatian Meteorological Journal or Tethys, Journal of the Mediterranean Meteorology and Climatology after the standard peer-review process of the Journals.

More information on the conference, submission of abstracts, registration and other can be found on the conference web page: www.metmed.eu.

For more information on the Challenges in Meteorology 5 please write to conference(at)meteohmd.hr.