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DMW 2017

11th EUMETNET Data Management Workshop
Placing climate data to social service:
From observations to archives

18 - 20 October 2017

How to get there
By airplane:

The new terminal of Zagreb airport is connected with the city centre by airport shuttle "Pleso prijevoz" (to the International bus station - every 30 minutes) and city bus line 290 (to Kvaternikov trg - every 35 minutes).

By train:

Zagreb main train station is just two tram stops away from the main city square (Trg bana Jelačića).

By international bus lines:

Zagreb International bus station is just five tram stops away from the main city square (Trg bana Jelačića): www.akz.hr

Public transport in the city is well organised, with the inner parts of the city mostly covered by trams and the outer city areas and closer suburbs linked with buses and rapid transit commuter rail. The public transportation company ZET (Zagreb Electric Tram) operates trams, all inner bus lines, and the most of the suburban bus lines. Several taxi companies are also increasingly active, with a network of around 3000 taxi vehicles.