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DMW 2017

Programme and presentations

Programme DMW-2017 Zagreb

Wednesday, 18th October 2017
08:30-09:30 Registration
09:30-10:30 Welcome addresses - Meteorological and Hydrological Service of Croatia and Croatian State Archive representatives and WMO talk (Peer Hechler)
10:30-11:00 coffee break

Session 1: Data Rescue
Chair: Peer Hechler
11:00-11:20 J. R. Coll: The UERRA approach and results to enhance data availability and accessibility to support European regional reanalyses of high-resolution
11:20-11:40 L. Wern: Data rescue of Swedish data
11:40-12:00 Discussion
12:00-13:30 lunch break

Session 2: Data Quality Control
Chair: Jose Guijarro
13:30-13:50 S. Noone: The Copernicus Climate Change Service Global Land and Marine Observations Database
13:50-14:10 M. T. Burguera: Daily quality control of climatic variables involved in SPEI drought index calculation
14:10-14:30 F. Cunningham: Improving marine quality control processes for data from automatic systemscancelled
14:30-14:50 C. Sigg: Probabilistic Plausibility of Surface Data
14:50-15:20 coffee break
15:20-16:00 Poster Session and DARE Side Meeting (pdf)
17:00 - Guided city tour
19:00 - Icebreaker
Thursday, 19th October 2017
Session 2: Data Quality Control
Chair: Dubravka Rasol
09:00-09:20 Y. Brugnara: The EUSTACE daily LSAT dataset: A collection of 36000+ unique in-situ daily temperature series with inhomogeneities identified cancelled
09:20-09:40 M. Musa: Next Generation of Quality Management Tools at MeteoSwiss
09:40-10:00 C. Hutin: New rainfall and climate quality control systems at the Met Office
10:00-10:20 L. Wern: Quality control, archiving and retrieving data Swedish data
10:20-10:50 coffee break

Session 2: Data Quality Control
Chair: Ole Einar Tveito
10:50-11:10 T. Szentimrey: Automated statistical quality control (QC) procedures in MASH-MISH systems
11:10-11:30 A. Paul: Digitalization and Data Quality Control of Historical Data at ZAMG
11:30-11:50 P. Petrović: The Validity of Snow Density and Snow Water Equivalent Measurements In Serbia
11:50-12:10 G. Vertačnik: Detection of temperature inhomogeneities using observations of snow and rain
12:10-13:30 lunch break

Session 3: Homogenisation
Chair: Ingeborg Auer
13:30-13:50 A. Wypych: The longest meteorological measurement series in southern Poland
13:50-14:10 V. Venema: The error worlds of the global benchmarks for the International Surface Temperature Initiative (ISTI)
14:10-14:30 J. A. Guijarro: Data rescue of two centennial Spanish series (Mao and Oviedo)
14:30-14:50 J. A. Guijarro: Series homogenization, missing data filling and gridded products with Climatol
14:50-15:20 coffee break
15:20-16:00 Poster Session and HISTALP Side Meeting
19:00 - Workshop Dinner
Friday, 20th October 2017
Session 3: Homogenisation
Chair: Mark McCarthy / Dan Hollis
09:00-09:20 P. Domonkos: Temperature homogenisation with ACMANTv3: Explanatory factors of high accuracy
09:20-09:40 E. Lundstad: Increasing quality of long-term time series by combining new homogenization routines and siting classification
09:40-10:00 A. Argiriou: Homogenization of the Hellenic cloudiness time series
10:00-10:20 Discussion
10:20-10:50 coffee break

Session 4: Data Bases
Chair: Anita Paul
10:50-11:10 M. Prohom: ARTYDOC, the digital archive of the Meteorological Service of Catalonia
11:10-11:30 A. Squintu: Quality Check and Homogenization of ECA&D temperature dataset
11:30-11:50 R. Cornes: An Ensemble Version of the Daily E-OBS Dataset
11:50-12:10 O. E. Tveito: Preparing for the 1991-2020 standard climate normals
12:10-13:30 lunch break

Session 5: Data Analysis
Chair: Victor Venema
13:30-13:50 M. McCarthy: Management and development of a suite of national climate monitoring products for the UK
13:50-14:10 A. Baronetti: Assessment of daily rainfall data recorded by two different networks in Piedmont (North-West Italy)
14:10-14:50 Final Discussion
14:50-15:20 coffee / Closing of DMW