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Osijek is well connected with other Croatian and international cities. It can be reached by car, train, bus or plane. Transport links to and from Osijek include major highway and railway junctions and Osijek Airport.

By car

There is four-lane highway, part of the Pan-European Corridor Vc, linking Osijek to the rest of the Croatian modern highway network (motorways A3 and A5).

Zagreb - Faculty of Agriculture Osijek

Budapest - Faculty of Agriculture Osijek

Belgrade - Faculty of Agriculture Osijek

By train

From Osijek it is possible to take the train to numerous destinations. To see more information about the railway transport and timetables visit:

Osijek railway station
Trg Lavoslava Ružičke 2
Tel: +385 60 333 444 or +385 31 205 155

By bus

The bus station in Osijek is the most modern bus station in Croatia. It is located close to the train station and about 1 km from the city centre. From Osijek bus station there is connections to all major cities in Croatia as well neighbouring countries like Serbia and Hungary. To see more information about the bus transport and timetables visit:

Osijek bus station
Bartula Kašića 70
Tel: +385 60 334 466 or +385 60 353353

By plane

Osijek has an airport in Klisa, about 20km from city centre. There are national and international flights from Osijek airport to Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik airport in Croatia, London Stansted airport and also Munchen, Frankfurt and Stuttgart but unfortunately all airlines operate only during the season (until the end of October). If you are arriving earlier in Osijek or to check additional (new) informations about the flights you can visit:

Airport Klisa, Osijek
Vukovarska 67, Klisa
Tel: +385 31 514 402

Airport Pleso, Zagreb
To view bus timetable from Zagreb Airport to Zagreb bus station and other useful information visit:

Airport Ferihegy, Budapest, Hungary

Airport Nikola Tesla, Belgrade, Serbia

City transport

Public transportation in Osijek includes buses, trams and taxi. A small tram network runs through the city and is the only tram network still in operation in Croatia outside of Zagreb. Two tram lines will take you almost everywhere you need to go in the city centre. The price for tram is 10 kunas (1.35 Euro). You can buy a ticket in the tram, but be sure to ask the driver if this line will take you to your desired destination.

To check information about Osijek tram network visit:

Very popular public transport in Osijek is also taxi. It is because of the low price. 20 kunas (less than 3 Euro) includes 5 km ride which covers almost whole area of the city. If you are arriving in Osijek by bus or train - in front of the stations there tram stations and taxi parkings.

Contact number of taxi companies in Osijek:
Taxi Cammeo: +385 31 205 205
Taxi Petar Pan: +385 95 303 3333
Taxi Munja: +385 99 682 1182
Taxi Student: +385 31 200 100
Taxi Vip: +385 99 800 8008
Taxi Euforija: +385 91 200 9070
Taxi De-Lux: +385 99 455 055
Taxi Duca: +385 91 591 1260

Zagreb bus station - Osijek

Budapest - Faculty of Agriculture Osijek

Belgrade airport - Faculty of Agriculture Osijek

Osijek bus station - Faculty of Agriculture Osijek

Osijek train station - Faculty of Agriculture Osijek

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