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GEWEX workshop on the climate system of the Pannonian basin

9 - 11 November 2015;
Faculty of Agriculture, University of Osijek

Monday (9th of November 2015)
8h00 Registration. Beginning of poster display (until the end of the workshop)
8h30 Opening speeches

Session 1. Moderators: D. Jug, T. Halenka

8h45 J. Polcher and J. Evans:
The GEWEX Hydroclimatological Panel and previous regional experiments
9h15 B. Grisogono, M. Telišman Prtenjak, B. Ivančan-Picek and K. Horvath:
Relevant atmospheric circulations for the Pannonian basin
9h45 Coffee break
10h15 I. Güttler, K. Cindrić Kalin and A. Croitoru:
Climatological characterization of the Pannonian basin
10h45 J. Bartholy and R. Pongracz:
Regional climatological modelling
11h15 A. Jeričević and G. Gašparac:
Episodes of high PM concentrations during stable atmospheric conditions in the Pannonian basin
11h45 G. Czuppon, E. Bottyan, T. Weidinger, K. Karman and L. Haszpra:
Temporal and spatial variability of stable isotope compositions and air moisture sources for precipitation in Hungary
12h15 Open discussion.
12h30 Lunch break

Session 2. Moderators: B. Ivančan-Picek, J. Bartholy

14h00 Szilagyi and J. Jozsa:
Determination of the water budget at the basin level
14h30 L. Zaharia and T. Man:
River discharges changes and use of GIS in hydrological studies
15h00 T. Vujnović:
Hydrological modelling for the Sava basin
15h30 S. Nickovic and G. Pejanovic:
Fully integrated dynamic hydrology modelling
16h00 Open discussion.
16h15 Coffee break
16h45 D. Jug:
Vegetation and agriculture status and challenges
17h15 C. Briese, W. Wagner, G. Bloschl, J. Paraika, N. Pfeiffer and G. Mandelburger:
Use of remote sensing for hydrological applications.
17h45 Rozsa, J. Adam, I. Juni, T. Tuchband, A. Kenyeres, T. Weidinger, J. Bartholy and A.Z. Gyongyosi:
Remote sensing of the atmospheric water vapour using GNSS observations.
18h15 T. Weidinger, F. Ács:
Surface-vegetation-atmosphere interface: experimentation and modelling
(Part I, Part II)
18h45 Open discussion.
19h00 End of the day
Tuesday (10th of November 2015)
Session 3. Moderators: M. Lakatos, V. Djurdjevic

8h30 J. Cuxart and B. Matjačić:
Operational atmospheric observational network and special observations
9h00 C. Briese and W. Wagner:
Earth observation data center on water resources monitoring
9h30 D. Komatina:
The International Comission for the Sava river
10h00 L. Lestinska:
The WMO Regional instrument centre - Slovak hydrometeorological institute
10h30 Open discussion.
10h45 Coffee break
11h15 K. Horvath and B. Ivančan-Picek:
The ALADIN modeling consortium and the participation in HyMeX RHP
11h45 T. Halenka, M. Belda and Z. Klukova:
The EUROCORDEX and CECILIA projects (regional climate modeling and impacts)
12h15 M. Lakatos, Z. Bihari, T. Szentimrey and S. Szalai:
Analysis of the observed trends in temperature and precipitation extremes in the Carpathian Region based on homogenized and harmonized gridded dataset
12h45 G. Pejanovic and V. Djurdjevic:
The South Easteuropean Virtual Climate Change Center
13h15 Open discussion.
13h30 Lunch Break

Session 4 (including Poster session). Moderators: K. Horvath and M. Telišman Prtenjak

15h00-15h30 Katarina Veljovic, Fedor Mesinger:
Can one in regional climate runs achieve added value at all scales?
15h30-17h30 Poster session
18h00-19h30 City Tour
20h00 Workshop dinner
Wednesday (11th of November 2015)
08h30-10h00 Round table session with interaction to audience on possible actions.
Moderators: J. Polcher, J. Cuxart
10h00-10h30 Coffee break
10h30-12h00 Concluding issues. Decision on continuation or closing the action
Moderators: J. Polcher, J. Cuxart
12h00 End of the meeting


Višnja Vučetić and Ognjen Feist: Heat stress and agriculture in Croatia: past, present and future

Andreina Belušić, Ivan Güttler, Maja Telišman Prtenjak: Evaluation of near-surface wind characteristics obtained by an ensemble of RCM simulations over the Pannonian region

Petra Sviličić and Višnja Vučetić: Trends of soil temperature in eastern Croatia in the periods 1961 – 2010 and 1981 – 2010

Martin Klaić, Maja Telišman Prtenjak, Joan Cuxart, Marko Kvakić, Karmen Babić, Darko Koračin, Amela Jeričević: Numerical simulations of fog formations over the Zagreb area

Tomislav Stilinović, Ivana Herceg-Bulić, Ksenija Cindrić: The Effects of Arctic, North Atlantic and East Atlantic/West Russia Oscillation on Precipitation in Croatia Considering the Standardized Precipitation Index

Branislava Lalic, David R. Fitzjarrald and Ana Firanj: Impact of Seasonal Variations of Forest Structure on Eulerian Length Scale and Mixing Length

Ana Firanj, Branislava Lalic: Exchange of greenhouse gasses between biosphere and atmosphere

Martina Ćurić, Tomislav Stilinović, Maja Telišman Prtenjak, Vinko Šoljan: Analysis of atmospheric instability indices based on radio sounding and ALADIN data, weather types and lightning detection

Jelena Ferina: Modeling Water Balance Components in Eastern Croatian by Palmer method

Yaohui Li, Ping Yue, Hongsheng Zhang: Comprehensive observation experiment for drought/arid land-surface process and atmospheric boundary-layer characteristics

Tamás Mona, Ferenc Ács, Hajnalka Breuer, Kálmán Rajkai, Ákos Horváth: Land-surface–atmosphere relationships: The Hungarian perspective

B. Matjacic and J. Cuxart: A basin-wide cold pool in the Pannonian Basin: a study using ECMWF analyses

Bu. Wrenger, Árpád Bordás, Joan Cuxart, Gemma Simó, Tamás Weidinger: Multicopter measurements in the PABLS15 campaign

Lidija Cvitan: Impact of Kopački rit water area on climate conditions

Bilandžija Darija, Zgorelec Željka, Mesić Milan, Kisić Ivica: Measurement of soil CO2 emissions in Croatia

Nóra Skarbit, Ferenc Ács, Hajnalka Breuer: Climate and climate change of the twentieth century in Hungary

Rajkovic, Vujadivovic, Vukovic, Djurdjevic, Djordjevic, Nickovic, Pejanovic, Podrascanin, Cvetkovic, Dacic: Towards SEVCCC earth modelling system

Lidija Srnec, Ivan Güttler, Ksenija Cindrić Kalin, Čedo Branković: Summer temperature extremes over Europe obtained from an ensemble of regional climate models

Toni Jurlina, Petra Mutić: Components of the operational flood forecasting system of the Kupa and Upper part of Sava river

Pongracz R., Bartholy J., Kis A., Szabo J.A.: Projected climate change consequences in extreme runoff characteristics

Damir Počakal: Relation of radar and hail parameters in the continental part of Croatia

J. Cuxart, T. Weidinger, G. Simo, B. Wrenger, A. Z. Gyongyosi, D. Tatrai, Z. Istenes, B. Matjačić, Z. Nagy, A. Bordas and A. Kircsi: Pannonian Atmospheric Boundary Layer Studies (PABLS): some findings of the 2013 and 2015 campaigns

Željko Večenaj, Damir Ptičar, Hrvoje Hegeduš and Branko Grisogono: A New Micrometeorological Research Facility at the New Maslenica Bridge

Zlatica Popov, Tamás Weidinger, Györgyi Baranka, Zoltán Nagy: Assessment of net radiation from routine measurements in the Panonian Region

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