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Workshop on Mesometeorology
Croatian - USA Workshop on Mesometeorology
18 - 20 June 2012 Ekopark Kraš Resort near Zagreb, Croatia

The Workshop focuses on selected problems of today’s mesoscale meteorology and includes invited lectures (marked in the Program as IL) by scientific leaders in the area, presentations by participants, and discussion sessions.


Sunday, 17 June 2012
Arrival of participants, early registration

Monday, 18 June 2012
08:30-09:00 Registration at the Workshop venue. Coffee.
09:00-09:30 Welcoming address by representatives of
  • Meteorological and Hydrological Service of Croatia
  • School of Meteorology of the University of Oklahoma
  • Geophysical Institute of the University of Zagreb
Topic area 1: Theory and Numerical Simulation of Slope Flows, Waves, and Jets
Chair: David Whiteman
09:30-10:30 IL1: Alan Shapiro, USA
"Theory of slope flows and low-level jets"
10:45-11:00 Discussion
11:00-11:30 Coffee break
11:15-12:15 IL2: Branko Grisogono, Croatia
"Mountain waves and bora-like flows"
12:15-12:30 Discussion
12:30-13:30 Lunch break
13:30-14:30 IL3: Evgeni Fedorovich, USA
"Numerical simulation of turbulent slope flows"
14:30-14:45 Discussion
14:45-15:15 Coffee break
Topic area 2: Mesoscale Modeling
Chair: David Raymond
15:15-16:15 IL4: Christian Barthlott, Germany
"Numerical modeling of mesoscale flows in mountainous regions"
16:15-16:30 Discussion
16:30-17:00 Coffee break
17:00-18:00 IL5: Dmitrii Mironov, Germany
"Turbulence and land-surface parameterizations for mesoscale models"
18:00-18:15 Discussion
19:00-22:00 Workshop Dinner

Tuesday 19 June 2012
Topic area 3: Fundamentals and Observations
Chair: Nataša Strelec Mahović
09:00-10:00 IL6: David Whiteman, USA
"Observational studies of mesocale flows in complex topography"
10:00-10:15 Discussion
10:15-10:45 Coffee break
10:45-11:45 IL7: David Raymond, USA
"Interactions between mesoscale convection and the environment"
11:45-12:00 Discussion
12:00-13:00 Lunch break
Topic area 4: Advances in Theoretical, Applied, and Operational Mesometeorology
Presentations by participants
  Session I
  Modeling and Simulation
  Chair: Dmitrii Mironov
13:00-13:15 "Numerical simulation of stable atmospheric boundary layer at high resolution: katabatic flows modeling and processes analysis"
Sébastien Blein, France
13:15-13:30 "Comparison of convective boundary layer velocity spectra calculated from large eddy simulation and WRF model data"
Jeremy A. Gibbs and Evgeni Fedorovich, USA
13:30-13:45 "Tornadogenesis in a simulated mesovortex: the role of surface friction"
Alexander D. Schenkman, Ming Xue, and Alan Shapiro, USA
13:45-14:00 "Simulating supercell thunderstorms in a convective boundary layer"
Christopher J. Nowotarski and Paul M. Markowski, USA
14:00-14:15 "Wave-induced boundary-layer separation: a case study comparing airborne observations with results from a mesoscale model"
Lukas Strauss, Stefano Serafin, and Vanda Grubišić, Austria-USA
14:15-14:45 Coffee break
  Session IIa
  Observations, Data Assimilation, and Forecasting
  Chair: Branko Grisogono
14:45-15:00 "Retrieval and application of raindrop size distributions from polarimetric radar data for sub-synoptic scale systems"
Petar Bukovčić, Dušan Zrnić, and Guifu Zhang, USA
15:00-15:15 "Polarimetric radar observations of hydrometeor refreezing in winter storms"
Matthew R. Kumjian, Alexander V. Ryzhkov, Terry J. Schuur, and Heather D. Reeves, USA
15:15-15:30 "Impact of the large-scale wind and mesoscale shallow flows on the development of cumulonimbus clouds over Istria"
Gabrijela Poljak, Karmen Babić, Marko Kvakić, and Maja Telišman Prtenjak, Croatia
15:30-15:45 "Covariance localization for convective-scale EnKF"
Ryan A. Sobash and David J. Stensrud, USA
15:45-16:00 "Analysis of convective indices over the northeastern Adriatic"
Karmen Babić, Gabrijela Poljak, Marko Kvakić, and Maja Telišman Prtenjak, Croatia
16:00-16:30 Coffee break
  Session IIb
  Observations, Data Assimilation, and Forecasting
  Chair: Alan Shapiro
16:30-16:45 "Satellite-based overshooting tops detection methods: comparison and validation"
Petra Mikuš and Nataša Strelec Mahović, Croatia
16:45-17:00 "Observational analysis of a gravity wave traversing Oklahoma on April 26, 2011"
Timothy A. Bonin and Phillip B. Chilson, USA
17:00-17:15 "First results of thunderstorm forecast verification in terminal aerodrome forecasts in Croatia"
Jadran Jurković and Igor Kos, Croatia
17:15-17:30 "Mesoscale features of the 31 January 2011 Oklahoma storm"
Jennifer F. Newman, USA
17:30-18:00 Discussion
Poster Viewing Session
   Chair: Evgeni Fedorovich
18:00-18:20 Introduction of posters (2.5 min for each poster):
P1 "Atmospheric conditions associated with the windstorm “Vento Norte” in southern Brazil: a preliminary analysis"
Ernani L. Nascimento and Marcos L. Chamis, Brazil
P2 "Use of rapid scan satellite imagery and ground sensors to identify and plot the evolution of a convective heat burst"
Jay Trobec, USA
P3 "Extrapolated radar reflectivity assimilation into an NWP model"
Petr Zacharov and Zbynûk Sokol, Czech Republic
P4 "Revealing errors in model microphysics parameterizations with polarimetric radar and explicit modeling"
Matthew R. Kumjian, USA
P5 "Idealized simulations of wave-induced boundary-layer separation in the lee of mesoscale topography"
Stefano Serafin, Lukas Strauss, and Vanda Grubišić, Austria-USA
P6 "Verification of global instability indices derived from satellite data over wider Croatian area"
Ivan Smiljanić, Nataša Strelec Mahović and Maja Telišman Prtenjak, Croatia
P7 "Parameterization of the sensible and latent heat fluxes during bora wind in the Adriatic"
Sanda Britvić Pejković and Branko Grisogono, Croatia

Wednesday 20 June 2012
Topic area 4: Data Assimilation and Applications
Chair: Maja Telišman Prtenjak
09:00-10:00 IL8: Nils Gustafsson, Sweden
"Data assimilation in mesoscale modeling and numerical weather prediction"
10:00-10:15 Discussion
10:15-10:45 Coffee break
10:45-11:45 IL9: Nataša Strelec Mahović, Croatia
"Satellite data in subsynoptic-scale meteorology"
11:45-12:30 Closing discussion
Thursday 21 June 2012
Departure of participants

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